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My work consists of paintings, collages, film and installations.


My most recent work displays the cohesion of rhythm, replication and unity through a natural movement of the hand across the chosen medium. It’s much more about structure, texture, stratification, harmony and the physical act than it is a realistic representation. The strokes are created by the instinctive motions of my hand.

This somewhat meditative movement is used in my earlier works where I made the same movement in ten different paintings and created connected families. Those paintings and drawings were very similar, but with slight differences in media, color, layers and method. I now achieve this same affect in one painting.

Because of a variance in the natural flow of the hand and the selection of materials used, the paintings never appear the same way twice providing them with a certain infinity.

Nature and/or the universe are common themes in my paintings.

My fascination is finding harmony between movement and tranquillity, matter and abstraction, contemplation and monochromaticy.


The installations are a combination of projection, film, sound and/or paintings and drawings. Sometimes an installation is combined with personal things and attributes.
The cohesion of rhythm, meditative movement, naturel movement and daily rituals are important themes.


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